Progress (kinda)

Haven’t written anything up for quite a while now, mostly due to a somewhat stressful week in uni – lots of things to do, “reunion” party of my research group to attend and so on. I did make some progress on GSoC, and also made some PRs to get Juno set up for the nearing Julia 0.6 release. Plots.jl in particular needs some love to get around world age issues, so I’ll try my hand at an implementation of Requires.jl based backend loading.


DocSeeker.jl (dog seeker?) lives on my Uni’s gitlab server for now, and I have implemented searchbinding and searchdocs, which do the obvious. Both of those use the same scoreing function, which is super bad at the moment:

# TODO: Be a bit more intelligent about this.
function score(needle::String, s::String)
  words = split(s, ['\n', ' '])
  score = 0.0
  for w in words
    d = levenshtein(needle, w)
    d > 5 && continue
    score += 1/d

Fun fact: The TODO on the first line basically includes everything I wanted to get done this month… I planned to read up on searching/scoring algorithms for quite some time now, but for some reason never got around to actually go paper-hunting…

This feels a bit like I’m actually doing some structured procrastinating now (thanks @haampie for sharing that link on slack), what with all the GSoC-unrelated Juno/Julia work. Oh well… maybe I should just look for all the remaining deprecation warnings in Juno and fix them?


This blog now uses my very own theme: kakao. Made some tweaks to Cocoa-EH to get rid of the super annoying FOUT (flash of unstyled text) that happened because of the unnecessarily complex way of using Google Fonts. I also got rid of the shipped font (dunno about copyright, and it didn’t look that great). In related news: kakao has spread to another GSoCer, shivin9.